Patrick Cameron

Ultraviolet - The Art Of Dressing Big Hair - Online Video Education

The Ultraviolet Collection - Video On Demand

Ultraviolet is about beautiful, bold and audacious shapes and sexy waves. There is a retro reference here, but the execution and final result is uncompromising and strikingly modern. This hair makes a statement but it is not a shock tactic, it is truly inspirational. The techniques to achieving these styles are a real lesson in foundation and building a structure.

The correct preparation is essential, a hot-roller set is a must, and the perfect backcombing and placement are turned into an art form. Invisible hairnets are making a welcome return, allowing backcombed sections of hair as light as candyfloss to be styled into exquisite sculptural designs. Shape and balance are as always very important elements in defining the chic silhouettes of the collection. The soft texture keeps the styles young and fun.

Ultraviolet is a very glamorous collection, feminine and elegant and infused with a real sense of fun. The couture is floaty and dazzling, completing the packaging of yet another iconic Patrick Cameron show. This is Patrick Cameron at his ingenious best, demonstrating his amazing skills in dressing long hair with unique flair and dexterity.


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