Patrick Cameron

About Patrick Cameron

When hairdressers throughout the world look for inspiration when dressing long hair they look to one man for creativity, inspiration and motivation – Patrick Cameron.

Having travelled to the four corners of the world many times, Patrick is acknowledged by his peers as the long hair expert. Since arriving in the United Kingdom from New Zealand in 1987, Patrick has worked in association with global manufacturer, Wella. Renowned for his skills in dressing long hair, Patrick is also the consummate professional, inspiring hairdressers with his unique blend of education and his fantastic ability to make even the most complex hairstyle look easy. Attendees to his stage performances are always enthralled by the theatrical element Patrick injects into his presentations.

A regular presenter at the most prestigious global hairdressing events, Patrick has demonstrated his skills at Cosmoprof, the IBS, The World Hairdressing Congress, The Alternative Hair show, The World Championship, The London Hair Collections, The World Congress in Sydney, Looks in Rimini, The Austrian Hair Congress, Salon Look and Salon International in London. It is at Salon International each year that Patrick unveils his latest collection, providing inspiration with his latest techniques and images to hairdressers globally.

Patrick's skills are very much in demand. His Training School in London provides students with an opportunity to work with him on a one to one basis and throughout the year he takes the school on the road providing students in New York, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Los Angeles and Dublin with their very own Patrick Cameron Training School. Patrick is keen to put back something into the industry that has given him so much and each year he takes time out of his schedule to visit at least five hairdressing colleges and demonstrate his skills and pass on his expertise to young hairdressing students.