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There is currently a real shift towards scintillating couture in fashion and quintessential elegance in hair and, consequently, a serious eagerness to learn the techniques to achieve these timeless hairstyles. Patrick Cameron is world- renowned for his ability to simplify the most complex, elaborate creations to just a few easy steps. The key elements are always shape, balance and finish; these guidelines are of paramount importance to the preparation of the hair.

"Prestige" celebrates luxurious volumes and beautifully placed waves to create a collection that is both sculptural and delicate in detail. Patrick skilfully balances the contrast of the smooth, polished areas of the hairstyles and the more decorative elements with effortless flair. The proportions are defined by flattering low chignons at the back, with playful turned-under quiffs and buoyant fringes at the front. The hair is worked cleanly, whether coiled to create exquisite motifs or curled into flirtatious styles. The shapes are strong and uncompromising in both hair and fashion; dazzling one-off couture completes the looks, adding the final "wow" factor.

The reference to the icons of the 40s and 50s is the starting point of the creative process, ultimately achieving a selection of hairstyles that applies the use of invaluable step-by-step techniques and presents an awe-inspiring show. The combination of all these ingredients, mixed with Patrick's flamboyant personality and unique talent for education, make "Prestige" a truly magic collection.


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