Patrick Cameron

The Lost Art of Vintage Hair - Online Video Education

The Lost Art of Vintage Hair - Video On Demand

Patrick Cameron's collection, "Spellbound", takes us on a journey of glamour through the 1930s, 40s, 50s and 60s. Using classic techniques - the invaluable basis of the hairdressing craft - Patrick presents iconic vintage looks and their modern, up-to-the-minute equivalent 'red carpet' interpretations.

"Vintage-inspired hair plays a massive part in fashion," says Patrick,"and I felt it was very important for today's market to demonstrate how to create these looks using the correct methods. Working as an educator globally, I have realised that some basic hairdressing skills are disappearing, and it is essential to show how relevant these techniques are to achieving the cutting-edge styles of today."

"I am fascinated by the allure of old Hollywood, and I have often adopted it as a reference in developing my work over the years, but I have never before focused primarily on actual 'foundation techniques'. In order to present a cohesive and informative show that is beneficial to a wide audience, I wanted to bridge the gap between classic and trend. The period I have focused on is truly the golden era of dressing hair."


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